Dear God, show us the road
that you have chosen for us,
and give us the courage
to walk down it... Amen

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jesus said, "I was sick, and ye visited me."
-Matthew 25:36
My friend Julie was sick with a chronic, mysterious affliction that had her living on liquid protein and pain medications. As her weight dropped to under 100 pounds, our conversations nearly always centered on her symptoms and my suggestions: "Maybe you should try this - or this - or this. ..."

After a while, I had nothing to say; I couldn't pray anymore. Julie wasn't healed, and she wasn't getting better. I wanted to avoid her because I couldn't find a remedy for her illness. Then one day, while reading about the king who said, "I was sick, and ye visited me," I saw with new eyes what the Lord expected of me. The king didn't say, "I was sick, and you healed me," or "I was sick, and you gave me all the right answers to fix the situation." The king said, "You visited me."

How marvelously simple! I realized that what my friend needed was my care. By caring about those who are sick - giving of our time, not solutions - we touch the heart of God. Ministering to those who are sick is not about our ability to solve problems or offer advice. It's about letting people know that they are not alone. It's about showing that God cares for them, and so do we.
(Leslie J. Wyatt)

God, help us give our time to those who need us. Open our eyes to see their real needs. Amen.

(view from early morning fog on Clinch Mountain)


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Sherry-Being a true friend is the best medicine anyone can have. My thought and prayers are for you and your friend.

Wendy said...

Sherry I love this post today! Its so true God just wants us to give of ourselves not things or remedies, which is so much easier but truely have a servants heart! Take care!~Wendy

Anonymous said...

Your post really hits home for my family. These words spoken are so true. My mom has been ill for several years now she has constant pain on her face and through the years friends and family strayed away. They couldn't help her or figure it out so instead of loving her and being there for her they strayed away. Very heartbreaking because this is a woman who was always there for her family no matter what. Mommy still suffers everyday and is limited in what she can do or where she can go.