Dear God, show us the road
that you have chosen for us,
and give us the courage
to walk down it... Amen

Friday, October 31, 2008

Miss Prudence sharing her gifts

Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful. -Hebrews 10:23

Appearing forlorn, the little girl crouched in the corner of the ward near a woman with bandaged limbs. She was there to spend her school vacation with her mom. But her mother was no ordinary patient, and this was no ordinary ward. This was a mission to treat those with Hansen's Disease. It was not exactly a place you'd expect a little girl to spend her vacation.

During my visit there, I witnessed the impact of leprosy on people and their loved ones. I thought about the passage in 2 Kings 5, and I could imagine how desperate Naaman must have been to be cured. When he heard about Elisha, Naaman went to the prophet's door, only to have a messenger tell him to wash in the Jordan River. Despite his anger and mis-givings, Naaman acted on God's direction that came through the prophet and was rewarded with a miracle.

Like Naaman, I've found that God's directions don't always make sense to me. They may challenge my understanding of how to deal with my circumstances. But when I act in faith on what the Bible says, its promises prove true. What God has promised will surely come to pass because God is trustworthy.
(Eunice Tan)

Savior of the world, help us to place our trust in your wisdom and promises for every situation we may face. Amen.

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Have FUN in Ohio Sherry...Tell me about it when you get back...