Dear God, show us the road
that you have chosen for us,
and give us the courage
to walk down it... Amen

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bring a friend

Blessed is anyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!
-Luke 14:15

Todays devotion...
My friend Laura recently held a dinner party at her home. When I arrived, I noticed that almost everyone had brought something to contribute. Guests came carrying desserts, vegetable trays, and flowers. It seemed they all enjoyed giving something out of respect and love for my friend. Laura said that we need not bring anything, but we all told her that we just could not show up "empty-handed."

Jesus told a parable about a party that God will host in heaven. If we respond to an invitation on earth by bringing a gift, how much more so should we plan to bring something with us when we accept God's invitation into heaven? We obviously cannot bring a bouquet of flowers or a plate of cookies as our gift to God. What God wants is a gift that has eternal importance. Since God does not desire that anyone miss this event, God's wish is that we introduce as many people as we can to Christ and bring them with us to the feast. Then as we walk through heaven's gate and take our place at Christ's table, we won't come in alone.
(Eileen Howe)

Keli Marie is set for surgery on September 10. She still has the stone, and an infection to go with. I know Kim and Mark are exhausted, but they do appreciate all the prayers. Let's keep remembering Keli Marie...

Eternal God, may we respond to each opportunity - today and every day - to lead someone to you. Amen.

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